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Playing Poker: How to Play Flush Draws

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Playing Poker: How to Play Flush Draws

Playing Poker: How to Play Flush Draws

When you find yourself on the flop and you get to play a flush draw then you have a wonderful opportunity and lots of chances to win a big pot. If you indend to play a flush draw on the flop then you must have two or three suited cards on the flop. This is the optimum solution to play a flash draw in limit hold’em. You will have to play the flash draw accordingly to the number of suited cards in the flop.

In the case of two-suited flush draw flops that you decide to go along with you will get almost all the time correct pot odds if you try to calculate them. However there are some cases in which the pot odds and the whole game concept changes. If you only have a flush draw on the flop, no other opportunity what so ever, and this is an un-raised pot we are talking about, then you must play with extreme attention. You could semi-bluff here if you want to go along with the flush draw.

Another situation for a two-suited flush draw is when the flop has a pair I nit. The there is going to be a lot of fuzz around the flop. There is a change that someone goes for a full house and that person can beat you even if you get your flush.

The position at the poker table and the number of players is also important. If you are at a table with more than three players in the turn you have to try and as much of them on the flop. This will make you win a bigger pot if your hand turns out to be a winner. So you will mostly check and call when I nearly positions or when in late position you can raise if you spot there is a change of winning right there and then the pot. If you are playing against fewer opponents, one or two, then you can try a semi-bluff. If the feeling the table gives you is that you should bet and raise or even re-raise until you manage to make all the other players fold. Betting to force as many hands as you can out of the game will at least get rid of those hands that could make one or two pairs in the end.

If you are dealing with a three suited flop then there is another story. Generally you will simply draw for it because the odds are high. If you however also have in your hand a pair or a straight draw then you can draw for the lower flush, no need to loose the other opportunities you have. This type of draw is hard to play against skilled opponents. If you bet and rise you will make them fold soon and let the pot very big or they will hang on knowing what you are relying on and knowing they are holding a better hand than yours. Everyone can tell when you are going for such a flush draw because it is obvious. These hands are to be played aggressive only if you have the flush draw and besides it a strong pair as KK or AA.